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Elevanfilm EMP-135 Gen2 Slide Film Projector

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Elevanfilm is a small company in China making analog photography gear. They make this EMP-135, an ultra-portable 135 slide projector. With 5 lens mount options, this device allows you to project your photos from your own lens. 

Dimension: 100mm x 50mm x 60mm (3.9in x 1.95in x 2.34)

Material: Carbon Fiber PLA

Weight: 160g  (5.6oz)

Lens Mount: Nikon F, Canon EF, Leica M, Olympus OM, Minolta MD

Light Bulb: 1800lm/5000k

Power: Type-c PD (12v)

Projection area: 20in - 50in


What you will get:

1. A projector

2. Two trays (use either one depending on whether you have a film holder for each individual slide)

3. Type-C charging cable

3. Power adapter 



Q1: Is any lens included?

A: No, you must use your own lens. Please choose the lens mount you use the most often.

Q2: What power adapter should I use?

A: Please note that not every USB port can power the light bulb. Please use a PD power adapter with output of "12V 1.5A," or "9V 2A." We include a power adapter to save you the hassel. 

Q3: What lens do you recommend?

A: 50mm lens is the best; using any lens wider than 50mm may result in dark corners.

Q4: How to improve the projection quality?

A: Clean your lens and your slides; use the projector at a darker place; use white background, or a projection screen if possible.

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