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Reflx Lab

Reflx Lab 500T Color Negative 220 Film (ECN-2 Film)

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220 medium format

Respooled from fresh 65mm 5219 motion picture film

Rem-Jet NOT removed

High speed, tungsten balanced film, ideal for low light situations

ISO: 500

Process: ECN-2

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What is the difference between 120 and 220 film?

120 and 220 film are almost the same except 220 is twice longer. Unlike 120 film, which typically provides 12 or 16 exposures, 220 film offers 24 or 32 exposures, making it ideal for photographers who want to maximize their shooting capacity. However, because of its longer length, 220 film requires cameras with specific film backs designed to accommodate the larger number of frames.

Some labs are kind enough to charge the same fee for processing 120 and 220; in that case, it is more economical to shoot 220 film. 

*ECN-2 process is not available everywhere; please make sure you are able to develop ECN-2 before buying.

*The back paper of this film is recycled from labs. Sometimes there are slight light leaks on the edge of the film due to the slight difference between the spools of different brands.


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