Reflx Lab was co-founded by two photographers in Shenzhen, China in 2021. Zaishu, a former Zhiyun engineer, and Yongxiang, an e-commerce expert, decided to build something extraordinary together. We design, manufacture, and sell photographic film and camera accessories.

Off course, we are not making film from scratch. We re-spool into different formats the film made by the best manufacturers in the world, so our consumers can enjoy the same film used by Hollywood filmmakers and award-winning photographers.

We launched our first products Reflx Lab 800 Tungsten and Reflx Lab 400 Daylight in early 2022, aiming to quench the global thirst for cinematic film. Both products are made from Vision3 motion picture film, rem-jet layer removed. They are sold relatively inexpensively as we believe the film community deserves cheaper and better products, especially amid an "analog renaissance." After releasing a variety of films, including 35mm, 120, and sheet film, we focus more on bulk-loading supplies and camera accessories, such as light meters and flashes.

Our mission is to serve photographers across the globe, especially film enthusiasts, by providing good, original, and low-cost products.