Reflx Lab was co-founded by two amateur photographers in Shenzhen, China. Zaishu, a former Zhiyun employee, and Yongxiang, an e-commerce freelancer, decided to build something extraordinary together. We are dedicated to designing, making and selling camera accessories that fulfill the needs of film photographers worldwide.

We launched our first products Reflx Lab 800T and Reflx Lab 400D in early 2022, aiming to quench the global thirst for cinematic film. Though highly rated so far, our products are sold inexpensively as we believe the film community deserves cheaper but better products, especially in the midst of an analog renaissance.

In the near future, we will launch several more 35mm films to provide more options for film photographers and some well-made gadgets that solve real problems in film photography. 

We hope our efforts can keep film alive for longer time and help film enthusiasts create better art.