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Reflx Lab

Reflx Lab 100fter (400ft-->100ft) Free-shipping

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This is a device that will help you divide a 400ft bulk roll into 100ft rolls so you can use them with your small bulkloaders.

There are 2 options: AUTO and MANUAL.

The AUTO one will have a motor to help you spin the small roll and automatically stop at every 100ft point. 

The MANUAL one will require you to spin the small roll manually and to estimate when to stop although you can use any electric scewdriver to help you spin it  (please cover the led light of the scewdriver if any).

Please note that the one shown in the demo video is a prototype; the actual product is slightly different. 

Material: PLA-CF (3d printed plastic)

Weight: 150g(manual), 400g(auto)

Battery (for the AUTO version): 4x AA


What you will receive:

1. main body

2. 5 spools (Ilford style)

3. handle

4. adapter for electric scewdrivers

5. the auto module (only if you choose AUTO)

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