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Reflx Lab Auto Bulk Film Loader Free-shipping

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*Please watch the demo video before ordering. 

*Average order handling time is 1 week; shipping time is 1 week. 


This auto bulk film loader is an ultimate time and money saver for bulk-loading businesses or film photography enthusiasts: you can load a roll of 35mm in about 30 seconds.

2 options for the magazine: 400ft and 1,000ft (only the magazine size and the base are different, the other parts are the same)

This product is assembled manually; tiny dents or scratches may exist, which doesn't mean it is used or second-hand. 

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Material: stainless steel (magazine), HP MJF nylon (body) 

Total weight: 1.5 kg (400ft), 3 kg (1,000ft)


What you will receive:

1. film loader

2. magazine

3. power adapter (US plug)

4. base for the film loader

5. a little piece of waste film

6. locking knob

7. hex key (for maintenance and repair purpose)

8. dusting brush

9. replacement velvet (for the magazine)

10. English user manual

11. plug adapter (UK, EU, or AU)

12. air blower



1. How much is the shipping fee?

Free shipping

2. What courier will you use?

We will choose courier based on your destination country and zip code. By default, we will use DHL/UPS, unless where you live is considered "remote area" and a ridiculously expensive surcharge is applied; in that case, we will use another courier, i.e. USPS, ARAMEX, SF Express, etc.

3. What is the warranty policy?

We offer 1 year free maintenance for non-deliberate damage. This is not a mechanically complicated machine; if some parts are broken, we will ship you the parts you need for free, and you can repair the machine under our guidance.

4. Can I put 400ft film into the 1,000ft magazine?

Yes, 1,000ft is the maximum capacity, it also can fit 400ft or 100ft. 

5. Is the magazine compatible with every brand's bulk rolls?

It can accomadate all the bulk rolls available in the market (100ft, 400ft, 1000ft), whether they are Kodak, Fomapan, Ilford, etc. But we don't recommend using this machine or any manual bulk loader for Kodak Double X (5222) because the Double X's emulsion is very fragile; the felt in the bulk loader can cause scratches on the negatives. 

6. How many rolls (36EXP) can I have per 100ft/400ft/1,000ft of film?

19 rolls, 76 rolls, and 191 rolls respectively.


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