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Reflx Lab

Reflx Lab Pro 100 Color Negative Film-120

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  • Respooled from Aerocolor 2460
  • Fine grain, low noise
  • Medium saturation, medium contrast
  • Daylight balanced film, ideal for outdoor shooting during the day

Film Format: 120 color negative

ISO: 100

Process: C-41 (it can also be cross processed in E-6, by which you will get slide film)

If you plan to cross process, we recommend using a waming filter 81B on your lens to obtain nicer tones. 

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Due to the clear polyester base, the first exposure is prone to light leak from the film leader. To avoid that, please load film in subdued light, and tank development is recommended. If you use a roller transport processsor, we suggest turning off the light in your lab before the film is put into the machine.

We respool this film using second-hand back paper, so you will see different brands inside the packaging, which is normal. Please use the "Exposed" sticker included to tighten the film roll after finish shooting so you won't forget what film it is.  


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